Are you afraid of guns?

My Name is Alexis J. Diva


I am 6.75 years old

I live in downtown Atlanta, GA.  I love my school and my teachers.  My school project is to create an invention about a problem.  Guns are my problem.  I am afraid of them.



I like having fun.  I make silly faces a lot. I like to draw, dance, read, write, and do gymnastics.  I wish I could play outside but I'm afraid of guns.  Gunshots scare me.  What are you afraid of?


Helping the community

My mommy said she is going to help our community.  I am going to help too.  This is my big sister, Chloe, and her friend Bella!  I like to jump on top of them and wrestle them.  I am very strong.  

My mommy is a physical therapist.  She decided to run for City Council in Atlanta.  I am excited because she is going to make our neighborhood safe!  

Where Do YOU LIVE?

I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am in the 1st grade.  Write to me and I will write back to you!


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